Facts To Help You
Survive Nuclear Fallout

If you want to survive nuclear fallout, you need to take a lesson from Mother Nature. As science has grown in knowledge, technology has gotten better. Learning from Mother Nature has again provided us the answer.

FACT: Low levels of radioactive fallout cause long term health problems. Unlike radiation poisoning, with quick onset of symptoms and death, low levels of radiation build up in our bodies and slowly, over time, kill us. In a very real sense, low levels of radiation, or nuclear fallout, poisons us by degrees.

FACT: Because of our over toxic systems, even small additions to the toxin overload may push our immune system over the top and we become unable to fight off disease and infections. It stands to reason, the healthier our immune system is, the better we can withstand an increase of cancer-causing radiation from nuclear fallout, like that we see from the Japanese's nuclear plant disaster, and avoid our own personal disaster.

I can't stress too strongly the need to create your own Wellness Home. We MUST create a safe, healing environment within the walls of our own homes. We MUST build our bodies immune system if we are to survive nuclear fallout. No amount of drugs can do it for us. It is not too late.

FACT: To survive nuclear fallout, we need:

  • Clean, energized water,
  • Clean ionized air,
  • Exceptional nutrition, including high ORAC anti-oxidants and Bio-Replenishments,
    (and perhaps the most important of all,)
  • A High Quality liquid zeolite to pull and remove the chemicals and heavy metals that lodge in our bodies and cause so much havoc and ruin our immune system.

FACT: There is no immunization shot, no counter-acting drug, no nutritional supplement that can help us survive nuclear fallout. It is a day by day, year by year, battle.

FACT: Radiation from nuclear fallout stays in our soil, our drinking water, out bodies cells for years and years. Trust me, we downwinders are still proving, people are still dieing from the cancers caused by the nuclear fallout of the 1950's. And we are not the only victims, we have pass along cancer-causing genes to our offspring.

In order to survive nuclear fallout we have got to remove the source.... if not from the environment, then from our bodies.

FACT: The best defense is a good offense. Take steps to limit exposure if you want to survive nuclear fallout. Get rid of radioactive contaminates as quickly as they enter the body by eating detoxifying foods, and drinking clean oxygenated water, and clear your lungs with clean ionized air, especially as you sleep.

FACT: You will have a better chance to survive nuclear fallout if your immune system is strong. Take the steps necessary to stay healthy. Maintain proper weight, practice deep breathing, exercise. Dr. Gordon Pedersen graduated with a Ph. D. from the Toxicology Program at Utah State University and helped in a study that proved you can boost your immune system with a proper diet.... or you can boost your immune system with exercise... but, when you combine exercise with a healthy diet you boost your immune killer T cells over 200%!

And if you will go just one step farther, and clear your brain and your body of toxic chemicals and heavy metals, you not only will function better, with more clarity of mind, you will provide your body the ability to heal itself.

Redmond Clay is the safest, quickest and easiest way I know to remove heavy metals from nucular fallout.

It works EVERY time. It works for adults, elderly, teens, children and babies. Bentonite Clay is listed by the FDA as GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe).

Then, remove the heavy metals from your home. It is really easier than you think.

You many not be able to control the OUTDOOR environment, but you can control the INDOOR environment.

With a *water filter that implements zeolites for drinking, a zeolite *shower filter for showering, and a zeolite filter in your *ionized air purifier, you can keep a lot of heavy metals and other environmental toxins we are exposed to OUT of your body.

Downwinders Can Survive Nuclear Fallout

Building A Wellness Home Will Help You Survive Nuclear Fallout

Redmond Clay is much like Zeolite. (video)

Simple Steps To Detox From Heavy Metals

Heavy Metals and Chemical Poisoning is part of our everyday life. You can not avoid them.

  • We breath them.
  • We eat them.
  • We drink them.
  • We even absorb them through our hands and skin.

    Most Simple Solution?

    Detox with Redmond Clay.
    The simple solution without triggering a healing crisis.

    Safe. Effective. With no report of side effects.
    GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) categorized

    Healing With Magnets

    Help the detoxification process along with Healing Magnets by Nikken.
    The Leader In Magnetic Technology.

    Advanced Magnetic Technology

    For overall comfort and general well-being. Energize your step. Modern thought in Wellness research.

    New Patented Magnet Insoles

    Barley Grass

    Known for it's detoxifying properties, Jade GreenZymes is called "nature's perfect food,".

    What is barley grass?
    Barley grass is said to have more nutrition than an equal serving of any other vegetable.

    The barley grass in organic Jade GreenZymes® is beneficial in

  • helping balance pH
  • supporting a strong immune system
  • and assisting in maintaining blood glucose levels that are already in the normal range.

    Jade GreenZymes