Surviving Nuclear Fallout

After the Japanese Nuclear Disaster

Surviving nuclear fallout is on most people's minds today.

As a Utah nuclear fallout survivor myself, (we are often called 'Downwinders') I can offer some advise.

First of all, don't panic. The risk to United States residents is extremely low.

I realize public concern continues regarding the contamination produced by Japan’s damaged nuclear power facility, as it should. ---BUT, only if it moves you to action.

There is a way to be proactive in conteracting the possible health effects (cancer) before it becomes too late. As most radioactive particles are air borne, we call them fallout.

    FIRST: Avoid the contamination. The Japanese government recommends those who live in the region to evacuate the affected zone.

    SECOND: Take measures to remove radiation from your air, water and food.

Nuclear radiation fallout is different from Nuclear Radiation Poisoning.

Nuclear Poisoning will make you sick and perhaps cause you to die quickly. It isn't pleasant, and few recover.

Nuclear Fallout is low level radiation that travels on the air waves. From the air, they drop down into our soils and water. We breath them in, drink them and eat them. They don't cause instant death. In most cases, it is cancer or other the long term health challenges that is the concern.

It just makes sense to neutralize them BEFORE they enter your lungs and blood stream.

A no nonsense way to protect yourself and your family.

Here Is A No Nonsense Way To Surviving Nuclear Fallout

What what measures for surviving nuclear fallout? What added precaution can you take to protect yourself and your family? Is there some formulation available that will counteract or neutralize the effects of inhaled or absorbed radioactive particles?

YES. As always, prevention is the best practice.

The Nikken Air Wellness® Power5™ Pro incorporates a carbon filter, zeolite filter and HEPA filter — the same technology that is found in hospital operating rooms and clinical laboratories. In fact, zeolites were used in the Three Mile Island and Chernobyl nuclear disaster clean-up and HEPA filtration was first developed for use in nuclear research facilities.

The PiMag® Aqua Pour® and PiMag® Deluxe Water System also features carbon and zeolite filters, in a multiple-filtration design that traps contaminants including those that may be deposited in water sources by airborne drift.

In contrast, the use of a so-called antidote for radioactive poisoning carries significant risks. Preventing exposure to pollution is both more effective and more prudent — and with Nikken air and water technology, you are helping to protect yourself and your family’s health all with the same money!

There is no need to buy a bottle of this or a bottle of that for every member of the family. For the same price you pay to protect yourself from radiation fallout in the air and water, those living with you get the same benefit.

Surviving Nuclear Fallout With Food

Eat alkalizing foods such as Jade GreenZymes®. Barley grass has long been known for its amazing properties and pH balancing effects in the body.

There are lots of other foods that actually help in surviving nuclear fallout by nutralizing radiation in the body. Fresh fruits and veggies head the list. And of course, stay away from refined sugar and refined flour.

Surviving Nuclear Fall Out Is Never A Guarantee, BUT, Prevention Is The Best Medicine.

Peace Of Mind Is In Doing All That You Can

No claims are meant or implied that

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