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Good Health Depends On Healthy Cells.

Healthy Cells Depends On Good Water.

Water is the foundation of life. Without it we all die.

Every part of our body needs water, from our bones to our brain. 

America, the Land of the Dehydrated

It is true, America is a land of dehydrated people. We just do not drink enough... water. Pop doesn’t count. Coffee and alcohol don't count. Water is what we need to become properly hydrated.

From his website, Water For Kids – A bit of science by Dr. Berrie Lewis, Dr Lewis talks directly to kids about the importance of drinking water and the danger of substituting other liquids for water.

Get The Information

Before you buy, get the information. Know the technology and why it is important. Get the best drinking water. Know the facts.

  • How does water get treated?
  • What about pharmaceuticals in our drinking water?
  • What are the harmful effects of plastics in bottled water?
  • Can pharmaceuticals in my drinking water interact with the medications I am currently taking?

Just copy the statements and do your own Google search.  I used

Natural Resources Defense Council

Pharmaceuticals In Our Water.

Sarah Janssen, MD, PHD, MPH, a science fellow at the Natural Resources Defense Council, an environmental action group states:

"Ever since the late 1990s, the science community has recognized that pharmaceuticals, especially oral contraceptives, are found in sewage water and are potentially contaminating drinking water," Janssen tells WebMD.

Concern among scientists increased when fish in the Potomac River and elsewhere were found to have both male and female characteristics when exposed to estrogen-like substances, she says. For instance, some fish had both testes and an ovary, she says.

Janssen says. "We know that kids, including babies and toddlers, as well as fetuses, are more susceptible to environmental exposures because their bodies are still developing and their exposure on a pound-per-pound basis is higher. And they lack the detoxification system adults have. So it is not unreasonable to expect they would be at higher risk."

Bottled Water

Boiling will not solve the problem, Janssen says. And forget bottled water as a way to escape the low levels of drugs found in some public water supplies. "Twenty five percent of bottled water comes from the tap," she says, citing an NRDC report.

"An activated charcoal system will remove some pharmaceutical drugs but not all," Janssen says. "A reverse osmosis system can also remove some."



I strongly suggest you read the whole article. And this one too:

This New Study Found More Drugs in Our Drinking Water Than Anybody Knew  --Dec 13, 2014

What Is The Best Drinking Water.   


Pi Mag Water

Because it is different. See the difference.

What is Pi Mag Water?  Who developed it?

How is it different?

Because it has been treated like Nature does.  *With gravity, *With Far infrared waves,  *With a magnetic field,  *With natural minerals for Alkalinity,  *With zeolite.

Home water purification 

Your Morning Shower

Are You Dehydrated?

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Few or no tears when crying
  • Dry skin
  • Headache
  • Constipation
  • Dizziness or brain fog
  • Muscle cramps
  • Fatigue
  • Back aches
  • Irritability and confusion
  • Little or no urination
  • Dark yellow urine
  • Sunken eyes 

I hope none of you experience the most serious effects:

  • Low blood pressure
  • Fever
  • Delirium or unconsciousness
  • Death


This New Study Found More Drugs in Our Drinking Water Than Anybody Knew And No One's Doing Anything About It.  Dec 11, 2013

“The scary thing for me is not one particular drug, although do I want to be drinking Viagra in my water? No,” said Shroeck. “It’s potentially hundreds or thousands of compounds interacting with each other and how that affects aquatic life and human health.”

 Dawn Flalik

New EPA Study

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