Tip Toe Walking

Tip Toe Walking tip toe is fairly common when toddlers are learning to walk. Most outgrow it by the time they are two. Occasionally, tip toe walking becomes a habit (idiopathic toe walking). The Mayo Clinic advises that as along as your child is otherwise developing normally, it isn't likely there is cause for concern. However, keep an eye on it. Walking tip toe may be a sign of autism or cerebral palsy. The earlier either autistic disorder or the cerebral palsy disease is diagnosed the better.

Toe-walking that continues after two may be the symptom of:

  • A short Achilles tendon
  • Habit
  • Autism or other developmental disorders
  • Cerebral palsy or other neurological disorders
  • Heavy metal poisoning

If You Notice Your Child Walking Tip Toe


If you notice your child walking tip toe, talk with your child's pediatrician.

Ask him/her about the risks and possible neurological and developmental test for delays, disorders or disease. Most likely, unless there are other symptoms, they will just watch it. Many grow up walking tip toe and have to consciously think about it to walk normally. Most of the time it really doesn't cause any real problems, but sometimes it does.

The Best Advice

Detox from heavy metals first. If the body is not first cleansed, you may be just adding to the problem. It's just common sense. How can you really tell what the problem is, until you have a clean place to work? Pharmaceutical companies know this. All their tests are done in a controlled, clean, environment, with purified water. Pharmaceutical laboratories know test results can be compromised by what is in the air around us and the water used for cleaning and drinking.

If your child is walking tip toe, you can easily help them detox from heavy metals with activated, macronized, suspended, liquid zeolite. It is on the FDAs Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) list and carries no age or dosage warning. Then the diagnosis and treatment of it will more likely be accurate. Don't run the risk of a misdiagnosis. Who knows what other symptoms you might alleviate.

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